University of Toronto Locations (from published INTUIT guide 2006- 2007)
Abbreviation Location Address
AH Alumni Hall 121 St. Joseph Street
AN Annesley Hall Queen's Park and Charles Street West, North Corner
AO Admissions and Awards 315 Bloor Street West
AR Architecture Building 230 College Street
BC Birge-Carnegie Library Queen's Park and Charles Street West, South Corner
BF Bancroft Building Bancroft Ave
BI Banting Institute 100 College Street
BL Claude T. Bissel Building St. George Street and Sussex Avenue, South Corner
BN Clara Benson Building Huron Street and Harbord Street, South-West Corner
BR Brennan Hall Between St. Mary & St. Joseph, East of Bay Streets
BS St. Basil's Church Between St. Mary & St. Joseph, East of Bay Streets
BW Burwash Hall Charles Street West, Between Queen's Park & Bay St
CB Best Institute 112 College Street
CD Institute of Child Study - OISE/UT 56 Spadina Road
CE 229 College Street 229 College Street
CH Convocation Hall South-East Corner of King's College Circle
CI CIUT Radio 91 St.George Street
CL Classics Department 97 St.George Street
CO Campus Co-Op Daycare 124 Devonshire Place
CR Carr Hall St. Joseph (North) and Quenn's Park Crescent East
CS School of Continuing Studies 158 St.George Street
CT Caretaking Huron Street, South of Sussex Avenue
CU Cumberland House St.George Street, North of College Street
DB Dictionary of Cdn Biography South Side of College Street, West of Huron Street
DR Development and University Relations 27 & 21 King's College Circle
EA Engineering Annex Between King's College Rd, St.George & College Str
EC Economics Department 150 St.George Street
EG Engineering Science Building West Side of St.George, South of Russell Street
EH Elmsley Hall West End, South Side of St. Mary Street
EJ Edward Johnson Building 80 Queen's Park
EM Emmanuel College 73 Queen's Park Crescent (on Queen's Park)
ES Earth Science Centre 33 Willcocks Street
FA Faculty Association 720 Spadina Avenue, Suite 419
FC Faculty Club 41 Willcocks Street
FE University of Toronto Schools 371 Bloor Street West
FG FitzGerald Building Taddle Creek Road and College Street
FH Falconer Hall West Side of Queen's Park, Museum Subway Station
FI Fields Institute 222 College Street
GA Gage Research Building 223 College Street (Ross & College Streets)
GB Galbraith Building 35 St. George Street
GD New Graduate Residence South-East Corner of Spadina Ave & Harbord Str
GI George Ignatieff Theatre East Side of Devonshire Place
GM Glen Morris Studio Theatre Glen Morris Street, East of Spadina Avenue
GR St. George Graduate Residence 321 Bloor Street West
GS School of Graduate Studies 63/65 St. George Street
GU Graduate Students' Union 16 Bancroft Avenue
HA Haultain Building 170 College Street
HH Hart House 7 Hart House Circle
HI St. Hilda's College Middle of the West Side of Devonshire Place
HU Human Resources, 215 Huron St 215 Huron Street
IA Internal Audit 703 Spadina Avenue
IN Innis College 2 Sussex Avenue
IR Centre for Industrial Relations 121 St. George Street
IS Innis College Student Residence 111 St. George Street
JP St. Joseph's College 90 Wellesley Street West
JT Joint Prgm in Transportation 42 St. George Street
KL J. M. Kelly Library Next Building East to 121 St. Joseph Street
KP Koffler Institute for Pharmacy Management 569 Spadina Avenue
KS Koffler Student Services Centre 214 College Street
KX Knox College 59 St. George Street
LA Gerald Larkin Building East Side of Devonshire Place
LB Lower Burwash House West End of St. Mary Street
LC Loretto College North Side of St. Mary Street, East of Bay Street
LM Lash Miller Chemical Labs St. George and Willcocks Streets
LW Flavelle House Queen's Park Crescent W, Hoskin Ave & Queen's Park
MA Massey College 4 Devonshire Place
MB Mining Building 170 College Street
MC Mechanical Engineering 5 King's College Road
ME Centre for Medieval Studies 39 Queen's Park Crescent East
MF Margaret Fletcher Daycare 100 Devonshire Place
MG Margaret Addison Hall North of Charles Street West, East of Queen's Park
ML McLuhan Program 39A Queen's Park Crescent East
MM Macdonald-Mowat House 63 St. George Street
MP McLennan Physical Labs 60 St.George Street
MR McMurrich Building Queen's Park Crescent West, Faces Parliament
MS Medical Sciences Building 1 King's College Circle
MU Munk Centre for International Studies 1 Devonshire Place
NB North Borden Building North-East Side of Spadina Crescent
NC New College 300 Huron Street, Classic and Willcocks Streets
ND Nancy's Part-Time Child Care 655 Spadina Avenue
NF Northrop Frye Hall 73 Queen's Park Crescent East
NU Nursing Building 50 St.George Street
Off Campus No additional information is available N/A
OG Obsterics & Gynaecology 92 College Street
OH Odette Hall West of Bay, Between Joseph and Mary Streets
OI OISE/UT 252 Bloor Street West
PA F. N. Hughes Pharmacy Building 19 Russell Street
PG Physical Geography Building 45 St.George Street
PI Pontifical Institute 59 Queen's Park Crescent East
PO U of T Police 581 Spadina Avenue
PR E. J. Pratt Library North-East Side of Queen's Park Crescent East
PT D. L. Pratt Building West Side of King's College Road
RB Fisher Rare Book Library 120 St. George Street
RE Department and Centre of Religion 123 St. George Street
RJ Rowell Jackman Hall South Side of Charles Street West, West of Bay Str
RL Robarts Library 130 St. George Street
RM Physical/Occupational Therapy 256 McCaul Street
RS Rosebrugh Building West Side of Taddle Creek Road
RT Rotman Management Centre 105 St.George Street
RW Ramsay Wright Zoological Labs 25 Harbord Street
SA U of T Staff Association Spadina Avenue, South of Bloor Street
SB South Borden Building North-East Side of Spadina Crescent
SC Sussex Court South-East Corner of Sussex Avenue & Huron Street
SD Sir Daniel Wilson Residence East Side of St. George Street, North of Willcocks
SF Sanford Fleming Building 10 King's College Road
SG Transitional Year Program 49 St. George Street
SI Simcoe Hall 27 King's College Circle
SK Social Work Building 246 Bloor Street West
SM Sigmund Samuel Library East Side of King's College Circle
SO Stewart Observatory (SAC) South of Hart House Circle
SP 1 Spadina Crescent 1 Spadina Crescent
SS Sidney Smith Hall 100 St. George Street
SU 40 Sussex Avenue 40 Sussex Avenue
SX Sexual Education Centre 42A St. George Street
SY Department of Sociology 203 College Street
TBA To Be Announced N/A
TC Trinity College 6 Hoskin Avenue
TF Teefy Hall Queen's Park Crescent East, North of St. Joseph St
TH Toronto School of Theology 47 Queen's Park Crescent East
TP U of T Press (Printing & Design) 10 St. Mary Street, Suite 700
TR Soldiers' Tower South End of Tower Road, Next to Hart House
TT 455 Spadina Avenue 455 Spadina Avenue
TZ Tanz Neuroscience Building 6 Queen's Park Crescent West
UB Upper Burwash House West End of St. Mary Street
UC University College 15 King's College Circle
UP University College Union North of Sir Daniel Wilson Residence (see SD)
VA Varsity Arena 275 Bloor Street West
VC Victoria College 73 Queen's Park Crescent
VN The Varsity newspaper 44 St. George Street
VS Varsity Stadium 275 Bloor Street West
WB Wallberg Building 184 College Street
WE Wetmore Hall, New College South Side of Classic Avenue (see NC)
WI Wilson Hall, New College Spadina Avenue, South of Classic Avenue (see NC)
WL Ancillary Services 45 Willcocks Street, 2nd Floor
WM Wymilwood North Side of Charles Str W, East of Queen's Park
WR Institute of Child Study - OISE/UT 45 Walmer Road
WS Warren Stevens Building South-East Corner of Spadina Ave & Harbord Str
WT Whitney Hall South-East Corner of Hoskin Ave & Harbord Str
WW Woodsworth College 119 St. George Street
WY Wycliffe College 5 Hoskin Avenue
ZC Centre for Bioethics 88 College Street